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Promoting better opportunities for children with disabilities by offering our expertise.

At Superhero Kiddos, we firmly believe that to do our best, we must set a strong foundation of comprehension of ABA therapy and managing developmental and intellectual challenges, which goes hand-in-hand with training.

Our professionals can conduct training in small and large groups. Training and presentation classes are offered to therapists, parents, teachers, doctor’s offices, and more. Know that there is no cost for presentations at schools or offices.


As part of your child’s session, parents and other family members will receive hands-on training and coaching. This includes handling aggressive behavior, dealing with toddler’s intense feelings, knowing triggers, and more.


We provide intensive and ongoing training, supervision, and mentoring to our therapists.


To aid in early detection and intervention, we work to visit pediatric offices, daycare, and early intervention facilities. Our ultimate goal is to help as many children and families as we can in the community overcome the challenges of developmental and intellectual conditions and promote better outcomes in the long run.

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