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We help build a strong foundation of learning and independence in children with developmental and intellectual challenges.
Our Mission

Here at Superhero Kiddos, we want to offer our love and passion for ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) to your super kiddos. Let us show you with SCIENCE and THERAPY that your superhero can supercharge their power to a new level.

Our Vision

We strive to support more and more super kiddos to overcome the challenges they face through our expertise in ABA therapy, and ultimately, help them become more independent.

Who We Are

At Superhero Kiddos, we are dedicated to ABA intervention for children and families who need our support. Behavioral therapy is considered medically necessary to intervene in behaviors and assist in the social development of children. That’s why we make it convenient for families to get access to our services with our in-home and school-based ABA therapy.

Our goal is to improve your child’s and your family’s quality of life. And we believe that by promoting open communication between our team, parents, caregivers, and teachers, we can meet your child’s individual goals, as well as reduce negative behaviors. For quality ABA Therapy in Miami Gardens, call us now!

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