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Our licensed professionals can help your child overcome their learning and behavioral challenges through ABA therapy.

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Behavior Reduction

Minimizing negative behaviors in your child and reinforcing positive ones.

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Early Intervention

Working with your child through ABA interventions during early childhood.

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School Readiness

Preparing your children to learn and adapt to a school environment.

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Language & Functional Communication

A unique approach to teaching your children language and communication.

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Toilet Training

Train your children early on when addressing their needs.

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Gross, Fine & Motor Skills

Acquiring vital skills as they grow and develop.

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Welcome to Superhero KiddosABA/Behavior Support

Behavioral Health Therapist in Miramar, Florida

When it comes to providing behavioral and learning support for children with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities, you can trust our team of professionals. With our knowledge of behavioral therapy and other techniques to promote your child’s growth, we empower them to tap into their potential and develop into becoming more self-sufficient.

Our team has worked with numerous families in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties area, providing in-home and school-based services. For quality ABA Therapy in Miami Gardens, call us now!

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Let’s work together in helping your child overcome the challenges of their condition.


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We are CommittedOur Mission Statement

Here at Superhero Kiddos, we want to offer our love and passion for ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) to our super kiddos. Let us show you with SCIENCE and THERAPY that your superhero can supercharge their power to a new level.

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All of our BCBA are board certified and undergo regular review according to established standards for organizations that grant professional credentials.

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