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Learn more about ABA therapy and how it can benefit your little superhero.

ABA was initially created in the 1960s to mainly support children with Autism, but now, it is used in therapy.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a teaching methodology that uses evidence-based strategies to teach children with Autism to enhance behaviors, like daily life skills, social skills, play, motor skills, language skills, and more. It is the science of human behavior applied to improve skill deficits and reduce negative behaviors. Typically, this treatment is provided for an extended period and is often home-based or center-based.

ABA interventions can be generally categorized by “comprehensive” and “focused,” with distinct goals of treatment.

Comprehensive ABA programs rely on the use of clear instruction, reinforcement, teaching small units of behavior, and repeated trials to maximize learning opportunities. On the other hand, focused ABA programs involve addressing specific behavior deceleration concerns, like disruptive behaviors.

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